Wednesday, August 09, 2006


10.4: Fix PowerPC apps that fail to launch on Intel Macs- NOTE TO SELF

10.4: Fix PowerPC apps that fail to launch on Intel Macs
Mon, Jun 12 '06 at 7:30AM PDT • Submitted by gdbjr

I recently picked up a new MacBook, and while most of the applications I use have gone Universal, some have not. Most notable among the "not yet" entries is Microsoft Office. Most of the time it runs fine, but occasionally, the Office applications will refuse to start. I get a few bounces in the dock, and the then the application quits. 

I had been rebooting my MacBook to solve get around this problem, but that is a huge pain. I have found that if my PowerPC application won't run, I simply force quit the translated process from the Activity Monitor, and then launch the offending application again. The application will start up, and the translated process restarts automatically. 

Killing this process seems to have no effect on any currently-running PowerPC applications -- so it seems the translated process is not needed to use a PowerPC app that is already running. 

[robg adds: I haven't had any "won't start" issues, but I did try killing the translated process with Word running, and didn't notice any ill effects.]

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