Wednesday, May 13, 2009


How To Show Boolean Filter Dropdown Menus in a Finder Window Search Field (i.e. Spotlight) : OS X 10.5 Leopard

Open a Spotlight window by pressing Command+F. Or just type into the Finder Window's Search field. You’ll see a horizontal strip below the Finder toolbar, labeled Search. The Apple Human Interface Guidelines call this a scope bar. Beneath the scope bar should be a filter row with default scope buttons for Kind and Any. If you don’t see this filter row, press the + button on the scope bar.

When you have the filter row visible beneath the scope bar visible, press and HOLD THE OPTION KEY and the + button on the filter row will change to an … (ellipsis). Click the ellipsis button and a new filter row will appear. This new filter will allow you to set multiple Any/All/None filter rules (Boolean) to any of the predefined search attributes provided by Apple. If it’s a search you use often, save it for future use.

I'm an idiot. How could I not know about this??

Figured this might be useful to others as well...

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