Thursday, December 29, 2005


How to rip DVD's

The Mac process is rather painless if you don't mind spending $40 for
Roxio Popcorn (or Toast, for $60). An alternative way which is free
involves converting your VIDEO_TS folder into a disk image which can
be burned from the Finder. The conversion is handled by an
applescript available from here:
They have very clear and simple instructions on how to use their
method and the steps to take to burn a DVD movie. You do need to use
MacTheRipper (see below) to create the VIDEO_TS folder before using
this method.

Back to the easiest way (Popcorn).
1. Download MacTheRipper (Google for it or go to
it's a freebie.)
2. Insert your original DVD, and using MTR, choose "Main Feature
Extraction". Click Start. Wait until done.
3. Run Popcorn, choose VIDEO_TS Folder under Formats, and drag the
VIDEO_TS folder created by MTR into Popcorn's main window.
4. Insert a blank DVD and click Start button in Popcorn. Wait. If the
VIDEO_TS folder is too large to fit on one DVD, Popcorn will re-
encode it to fit.
5. Go play your movie.

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