Thursday, September 08, 2005


Online Poster Collections (and other Graphic Design)

This list is from . Thanks to them.

(Also see the related Bagatelle categories:  design   |   inspiration   |   photography.)

» Before Green Eggs and Ham: Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss),
Advertising Man.
» Posters from the Work Progress Administration (WPA):
By the People, For the People and selected highlights. Archival bliss.
» Alison Tait passed on this nice gallery of
music promo posters.
» Typography in motion pictures:
Movie Title Screens.
» Rave on:
Flyer Art
» Pardon the alliteration:
Polish propaganda posters.
» Feast your eyes on Clark MacLeod's collection of
Saigon proproganda posters.
» Sick, with style:
Design for Chunks.
» I am sated: 50's graphic design nostalgia from
Ephemera Now.
» Various book cover art and print from a huge
illustration auction.
» Corporate branding as art:
» I wish I still smoked: A huge collection of
Cigarette packages.
Vintage suitcase labels: The lost art of travel.
» The inspiration-filled
Ad-Access Project
» Feast on a massive, eye-popping collection of 20's and 30's
travel brochures.
» Behold the
Emergence of Advertising in America.
» A very nice collection of
Vintage Luggage Labels.
» "By the people, for the people":
Posters from the WPA
Ski Posters from the Beekly collection.
» Expansive collection of illustration, Cuban poster art, and much, much more at
Docs Populi.
» Beautiful collection of
Chinese Propaganda posters
» Archive of
Italian Posters
The Chairman Smiles: Posters from the former Soviet Union, Cuba and China
Contemporary Posters: 1960-1980
Spanish Civil War posters
Modern Dog (incredible designers & Robynne Raye is a wonderful person, too)
Poster Art by Nels Jacobson
Picturing Power: Posters of the Chinese Revolution
Chissolm Larson Gallery: huge collection of posters from all over the World.
Posters from the Soviet Union: Communism and jingoism from an age gone, but not forgotten.
800 vintage posters from Russia, Cuba, Poland and the Czech Republic.
Art of the Movies: 100 American Movie poster classics.
Swiss Poster Collection brought to you by the Carnegie Mellon University.
British WWII Recruitment posters

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